"> US Guy Seeks Polish Wife?

My American friend wants
to marry a Polish woman.

Is that weird?  Probably.
But it's true.

A forty-something-year-old man in Chicago, IL is looking to marry a polish woman who also lives in the city or wants to move there after the beginning of a successful relationship. He is not looking for a "green card marriage" but he doesn't care what your citizenship or status may be. He is hoping to find someone quickly, but he insists on a real, honest relationship between two people that genuinely care for each other.

If this sounds intersting, strange, or both... please keep reading!

"I'm asking for a friend..."

We don't want to put too much information on the web, especially considering how immigration matters are being handled in the US these days. So we hope to that you will contact him directly to exchange more information with each other more privately.

To find out more please introduce yourself

Why a Polish Woman?

I asked why he seeks a Polish woman specifically. Here's what he said:


"I have had many relationships over the years. For some reason only the Polish women seemed compatible and natural to me. I have gotten a feeling from Polish girlfriends that I have never felt with American women or even women from other Europoean countries. Polish women also usually have more traditional values which I respect. I'm not sure there's a scientific reason for it, but I swore that if I ever got married again it would be to a Polish woman."


"I enjoy the healthy, adventurous lifestyles of Polish people. When I am with them I am more active, I eat better, and I become more tied to nature than usual. At times, Polish women have had an inspirational effect on my lifestyle and disposition."


"This is difficult to express, but even though I am not Polish myself I feel as if I identify with Polish culture. I see how historical events throghout the 20th century have shaped a people to be strong and proud, yet kind and gentle-hearted. In some strange way I feel as if my own life experience mirrors that experience and has shaped me similarly."

A Chicago Guy

He is hoping for a marriage-bound relationship that does not require relocating from his home town. Getting to know someone that lives in the suburbs or even another city via a long-distance relationship might work for a short while, but eventually he would like to live in Chicago. Moving to another city "further down the road" would be a possibility.

The Big Questions

Obviously this is not a traditional approach to finding someone to marry, so naturally some basic questions arise:

Why the rush to get married?

"A variety of reasons have contributed to the general feeling that time is of the essence. And what better time than right now to begin the new life you've always wanted, right? There are no scary reasons why I want to shift life into the fast lane other than to make sure I can enjoy every day that lies ahead to its fullest. The goal is to avoid going through the tiresome routine of endless dating and searching for the so-called perfect soulmate. As I have seen throughout my life, that can last years and lead nowhere."

Why be so mysterious about it?

"There are a few reasons for seeking to get married quickly, which often looks suspicious to people - especially immigration. In the event that I end up with someone who happens to need a green card to stay in the country I don't want it to look like this was an attempt to circumvent any policies or laws. For this (and other) reasons I'd rather keep identities private until an introduction is made."

Why not date traditionally?

"Aside from traditional dating taking a long time, I'm also not very good at promoting myself and playing the dating games. It's time consuming and wierd, and I'd often rather just work or maintain my life rather than go out to meet strangers.

I look at this approach as being more of an arranged marriage of sorts, much like many of my friends from countries like India. I have seen some of the most stable, true and time-tested relationships come from as a result of carefully-made arrangements like those.

All of this, plus the reasons why I have to accellerate this process considerably, have lead me to trying this approach."

Can I know more about you?

"I wish I could share more about myself, my family, my lifestyle and most importantly the reasons why I want to get maried so quickly, but I just can't put all of that on the web.

If I do end up in a relationship with someone that has immigration concerns I wouldn't want to be misunderstood as trying to circumvent any laws. It would be better for everyone if we kept our personal business to ourselves.

I hope you will contact me so I can send you back a personal response telling you all you would like to know. If you are a Polish woman looking to have a genuine, true marriage and a happy life with a great guy, please contact me!"

Introduce Yourself.

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